CBD Oil has become very popular supplement in recent times. Seemingly out of nowhere this almost miracle oil has found a variety of uses that help the human condition. CBD oil can be popped as a capsule, dropped as an oil in a bedtime drink and even in eCigaratte Vaping machines.  It is a fact that CBD oil has found many uses and there are no doubt many more to be uncovered.  But what is CBD oil and what can it do?

CBD Oil is a powerful medicinal resin available from a growing number of pharmacies and stores. It is produced from Marijuana, and yet it won’t get you stoned or make you high. Extracted from Cannabis flowers and buds CBD oil can also be produced from hemp, the most common form of oil. CBD Oil has less than 0.3% of the element in Marijuana that makes you high, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and thus it has none or very little of the recreational effects of the drug makign it safe to use.

What has made CBD Oil so popular?

Many people and doctors are very aware of the health benefits of Cannabis, but in many countries, Cannabis is illegal. However, extracts from the plant that are not illegal still contain many of the health benefits cannabis is  known for while the element of the drug that makes you high is lost. CBD oil is just that and research is beginning to show that CBD Oil does indeed  have many health benefits and people are starting to take note.

what can CBD oil help with?

Research into official uses of CBD oil is still in its infancy, but a small number of uses have been proven, either scientifically or just through growing use and uptake of the product.

Pain Relief

The pain-relieving attributes of Marijuana have been known for thousands of years and many people, despite the illegality of the drug have been using it solely for this purpose.  CBD oil has been found to have the same pain-relieving attributes and it is safer to use than cannabis or marijuana as it is normally used.

Pain relief through the use of CBD Oil has been proven scientifically with those who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis. The studies into the use of CBD oil showed considerable pain relief was found when walking and with muscle spasms after just one month of use. Further studies showed that various forms of CBD oil reduced movement pain considerably in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Anxiety and Depression

People with anxiety or depression have turned to smoking weed (Cannabis) as the drug of choice to relieve the symptoms well. Tests using CBD oil have demonstrated that the main symptoms of anxiety and depression can be significantly reduced when used. Many stress and anxiety tests were undertaken, and still are,  and they have proven that CBD oil reduces levels of both considerably.

CBD oil has been used to help treat people with post-traumatic stress, especially children, and has shown positive results.  Additionally CBD oil can assist with improving sleep patterns that are often a problem with depression.  It is believed that the reason why CBD oil works well is because of its ability to act on the receptors in the brain that produce and control serotonin thus regulating mood and social behaviour.


It has long been known that cannabis can address many of the symptoms of certain cancers. CBD oil has been tested, and the said same symptoms normal cannabis addresses equally without the side effect of getting high. Well known cancer symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and pain are effectively address with CBD oil.  There are many drugs on the matket that are prescribed to treat the certain symptoms of cancer but these medicines either do work for everyone or effectiveness is reduced through continued or extended use. Thank to this many cancer sufferers have turned to pure cannabis despite the illegality and risks in the past.  Today these people are now turning to CBD Oil in its various forms.

Administered as oil droplets or as a capsule, CBD oil is making steady progress in testing with Cancer Patients.  However, further and more rigorous testing is required before concrete evidence has been found and proven to make CBD oil one of the preferred treatments prescribed.


Many teenagers struggle witn acne. Acne affects around 10% of the global population. Acne is caused by a variety of factors that include genetic reasons to diet. Proper and effective treatment is notoriously challenging.

CBD oil has outstanding anti-inflammatory properties and these are exploited to treat acne effectively.  The well-documented anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil prevent the sebaceous glands from producing an overdose of sebum in the skin, and thus Acne is reduced or eliminated in the patient.

Heart Health

Recently studies involving CBD oil have demonstrated its benefits for the heart and circulatory system. One of the widest areas of research is in blood pressure control, especially in reducing high blood pressure.

The stress and anxiety relieving tests for  CBD oil have been  combined with heart and circulatory system tests as there is a proven direct link between stress and high blood pressure. Tests conducted on animals have shown that there that CBD oil, with its anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and antioxidant properties can play a future role in controlling or preventing heart disease.

In Summary

Overall, CBD oil is proving to be a safe and very powerful “medicine” for a variety of conditions. It is being used by stressed-out executives who cannot sleep and well as teens with bad acne. No one will go as far as CBD oil as being  a miracle cure but many who find it cures their disorder may well claim in it is.

What Are The Other Potential Benefits of CBD Oil?
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What Are The Other Potential Benefits of CBD Oil?
Did you know that CBD oil helps lower inflammation? Do you know what else is linked to inflammations apart from things like acne? Schizophrenia! Read more here
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