With an ever-aging population cancer is a disease that is on the increase. Cancer is an uncomfortable illness and treatments are well known to nausea, vomiting and pain in nearly all patients. CBD Oil is showing signs that it can reduce many of the known side-effects of cancer treatment where conventional medication is having little or no effect in reducing pain especially.

Many patients and relatives of patients are very aware that growing numbers of medications for the control of the effects of cancer treatment are becoming less effective or not working at all. CBD is proving to be something of a breakthrough and is showing it can and does control and reduce levels of pain as well as the often more uncomfortable effects of nausea and vomiting. CBD is becoming the alternative medicine of choice, not just in patients but also with doctors.

A small study of 16 cancer patients saw a CBD based treatment for nausea and vomiting work considerably better than conventional medication alone. On top of this, certain specialist studies into the properties and potential of CBD in cancer treatment have shown there are some anticancer properties. Studies into breast cancer especially have shown clear evidence of anticancer properties with the spread breast cancer cells in mice being considerably inhibited. More human studies are needed but the future of CBD looks very bright.

Can CDB Oil Alleviate Cancer-Related Symptoms?
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Can CDB Oil Alleviate Cancer-Related Symptoms?
CBD is becoming known to assist in soothing cancer treatment related symptoms: vomiting, nausea and pain. It also assists with insomnia, anxiety and depression
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